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Ryan Corbin, M.A., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families who are in a cycle of pain within themselves, with each other, or with the family system they subside in. Individuals looking to break this cycle and find freedom and move towards healthier living are welcome to join me in meeting their goals. Couples who are looking to leave this cycle and cleave towards their partners can work together in counseling in tandem with me to support developing a stronger bond with each other built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. For families, I enjoy looking to strengthen the bonds within the family and rebuild the structure of the family as a whole.

I view therapy as a safe place to explore relationships with people (family, co-parents, partners) and things (food, money, alcohol). I feel therapy should be a collaborative experience where the client is seen as the “expert” on their own life.

For individuals, families, and couples who are ready to do the work, I am ready to join with you!