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Social Anxiety Disorder Therapists in Elk Grove, CA

Do social situations cause you to clam up and feel overwhelmed? Perhaps you even find yourself constantly worrying about being judged or embarrassed in public. If so, you're not alone. Social anxiety disorder can be debilitating, but there is hope for relief. At The Center for Integrative Healing, our social anxiety disorder therapists provide support and guidance so that you can overcome your fears and regain control of your life. Let us show you what makes us the therapy provider of choice in the Elk Grove, California, area.

General Anxiety vs. Social Anxiety

While you may have heard of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) before, it’s important to understand the distinction between GAD and social anxiety disorder (SAD). While both involve excessive worry and anxiety, GAD typically encompasses a wide range of situations and concerns, whereas SAD specifically revolves around fear of social interactions and being scrutinized by others. Individuals with SAD often experience intense anxiety in social settings, leading to avoidant behaviors and significant impairment in daily functioning.

Many individuals who struggle with SAD experience:

  • Difficulty forming relationships
  • Low self-esteem
  • Isolation
  • Missed opportunities

At The Center for Integrative Healing, our social anxiety disorder therapists specialize in helping individuals overcome their fears and live fulfilling lives. Through evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy, our team will work collaboratively with you to challenge your negative thought patterns, build your confidence, and help you develop effective coping strategies.

Turn to Our Professionals Today

The social anxiety disorder therapists at The Center for Integrative Healing in Elk Grove, CA, provide a safe and confidential environment where you can explore the root causes of your social anxiety and learn practical skills to manage your symptoms. Whether you're struggling with speaking in public, attending social events, or forming relationships, our therapists are here to help you break free from the grip of social anxiety and thrive in social situations. Give us a call today to schedule a counseling session.