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Dr. Isabel K’Burg, Psy.D, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Isabel upholds the belief we are wounded in relationships and healed in relationships. She desires to provide a safe space to heal. As a therapist, Isabel is proactive, transparent, and honest. Currently, she is working towards certification in sex therapy and sex addiction. She utilizes an integrative approach tailored to individual clients’ needs. Her reflective therapeutic style emphasizes the unique strengths of individuals and their ability to create change. In Isabel’s career, she has experience working in inpatient, forensic, school-based, and community outpatient settings.

Isabel is an experienced clinician with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health industry. Skilled in Adolescent and Adult Therapy, Sexually Problematic Behaviors, Couples, sex-positive, LGBTQI, Personality Disorders, Reunification, Social Issues for Males, Psychological Assessment, minor-attracted individuals, and nontraditional couples.In addition to being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she also holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is the Executive Director at Hope for Healthy Families Counseling Center.