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Marni Cotta-Warren, M.A., Licensed Clinical Social Worker

With over 20 years as a social worker, I have worked with people from a myriad of backgrounds, including people with varying types of abilities, family caregivers, justice involved, parents involved in the child welfare system, those experiencing life transitions, chronic health conditions, emotional crisis, depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. My life experiences include growing up in a rural area as a child of the 70’s, unplanned pregnancies, a marriage ending after experiencing Intimate Partner Violence, years on public assistance as a single parent of three children, returning to school and completing advanced degrees while working and trying (with varying levels of success) to meet the needs of my children. Two of my children are married and have launched into their own lives with military careers and beyond; one is transgender and on their path to independence. When talking about what I offer as a therapist, my daughter in law refers to me as a unicorn due to the breadth of my life and social worker experiences.

When we come together, you will find a therapeutic space filled with acceptance, safety, empathy, and curiosity. I hope you will feel a comfort to be your unique self. I bring into the space my authentic self to support you in uncovering your individual needs and goals. I welcome all populations and backgrounds (race/ethnicity/sexuality).