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Channing Bushman, Clinician, Associate Licensed Professional Counselor

I love working with clients in transitional stages of life and who are looking to figure out who they want to be. Clients that are self-motivated to change and that will put effort and intentionality into therapy make my heart sing!

I have experience and expertise in eating disorders of all types and body image issues that are related or unrelated. I also have lots of knowledge surrounding working with children with autism and supporting them in being comfortable with themselves without the expectation of conforming.

The goal for my clients is to encourage empowerment and self-compassion through autonomy and accountability. This is especially important in regard to your body and what you allow into your physical and emotional space. My priority for my clients is to nurture you. I want you to find ways to sustainability nourish yourself and those around you.

I have a wide breadth of professional and personal experience with different age groups and populations, allowing me to easily connect with clients from the first interaction with warmth and compassion. I am highly adaptable in session, with a mix of humor, as well as softness with vulnerable and intimate spaces, and appropriate self-disclosure, in order to find connection and attunement with each client.